ProTour Golf Ball

PROTOUR 3-Layer Cast Urethane Golf Balls  |TriOnomer Core for massive distance off the tee|high launching longer carry irons+excellent short game control | Extra long putting line aid


    • LIVE ONE UNDER - Our ProTour 3-layer Cast Urethane golf ball provides massive off the tee distance with reduced side spin for more FAIRWAYS HIT plus high launching, longer carry iron play to stick the green and PUT IT TIGHT.
    • DITCH THE SHARPIE, FOR GOOD - Use our extended length triple-lined putting alignment aid for spot-on aim and enhanced optical perception when addressing the ball. Studies show it, and we agree, that these lines provide the best chance to start the ball on your intended target line, roll more putts in the hole and go DUNK CITY baby!
    • IT'S IN THE CORE - Our TriOnomer Core technology propels off the clubface with rapid ball reaction for higher ball speeds and massive down-the-fairway distance.
    • Soft Cast Urethane cover for tournament level control, short game spin, and easy playability around the green. 


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